Photography by Nikki Cole
Common Mistakes People Make When Taking Headshots
If you’re planning on taking a head shot, whether it’s for your acting career or company “About Us” page, there are several things you should avoid. Smiling Too Much This might be the first time you’ve heard that smiling can set you back but you actually want your headshot to be neutral, especially if it’s a headshot for acting. A neutral face means your lips won’t be tightened and your eyes will be opened wider. If you want to show off your pearly whites, go for it.  But then try a softer look to round out your portfolio. Hair in Your Face When you have too much hair in your face, it’s going to be difficult for people to see your gorgeous face! Same with beards, gentlemen. If you’ve shaved or trimmed your beard, make sure there aren’t any stray hairs. Distracting Attire Clothing that shows off too much skin is clearly distracting but so are visible logos and patterned clothing. Ruffled and messy clothing can often be distracting. Doing Your Own Makeup Leave this one to the professionals.  Skin and makeup can look very different under professional lighting.  It’s best to leave your makeup to a makeup artist with […]
Tips & Tricks for Corporate Headshots
Taking a headshot for work is much different than taking a photo for your company. Let’s explore some tips and tricks to nailing your corporate headshot.   Clothing for Men Wear clothing that reflects the level of formality in your company and profession.  This could be a suit jacket, nice dress shirt and matching tie or if you want a casual business look, wear a jacket and open dress shirt. You can always opt for a polo or cool Tshirt if your company is casual but make sure your shirt is in perfect condition. Avoid wearing a white dress shirt unless it’s under a jacket or sweater. If you wear a white shirt, sweat stains can show up which is quite embarrassing.   Clothing for Women A unique neckline might alter the shape of your face so bring multiple shirts to see what works best. If you are bringing a blouse, wear one that is darker than your skin tone. Your clothing should be seasonal neutral.  So you may want to avoid sleeveless shirts.   Jewelry Keep your jewelry as simple and small as possible, unless you are trying to make a statement with it. Your jewelry should enhance rather […]
How to Take Beautiful Interior Photos
If you’re trying to advertise your business or showcase your home’s interior, it’s important to hire a professional photographer. Whether you have a chic restaurant, cozy diner or riveting nightclub, adding some professional photographs to your website is perfect for advertising. What Impression Are You Trying to Give Off Think about how you want to present the interior of your business, event or home. Are there panoramic views that you’d like to use or perhaps a warm entryway? If you own a restaurant you’ll want to include photos of guests enjoying their meals, food, the bar if you have one and any unique décor. Consider your clientele and the people you are trying to get through the door. Use Proper Lighting The time of day you take the photo will affect how your photos look. If you want to make a romantic mood than set up your photo shoot for the evening. However, when you want to present a more high-energy environment, use the natural light and open the blinds. Try to balance the indoor and outdoor light.  On occasion you may need extra lamp lighting or professional lighting. Wide Angles When capturing a significant amount of space you should […]
Tips for Taking a Better Head Shot
Whether you’ve taken multiple head shots or you’re a first timer, getting in front of the camera can be quite nerve-wracking. Choosing the clothes, staying in one place and deciding how to pose takes some serious thinking. Use my tips below to get yourself ready. Relax and Breathe Breathing deeply will help you relax a bit and try to forget the camera is even there (I know, easier said than done). If you focus on posing than your photo won’t come off as genuine. Don’t Wear Anything Too Distracting Avoid wearing clothing that will distract people from your face. Keep your hair in a simple up-do or down and flowy. Basically, you want everyone to see how you normally look. Don’t try to be too glamorous because it’s important that people see the real you. Keep Your Chin Down Most people are inclined to lean backwards in a photo which can be awkward because the eyes appear partially closed. Bring your chin down so the camera isn’t looking up your nose or mouth. Your eyes will appear larger and more open when the chin is pointing down. Create Space Between the Arms & Body There are “power headshots” where the […]
A Guide to Architectural Photography
Capturing the moment through the lens of a camera takes a steady hand a focused eye. When taking photos of couples, children, office events, etc. you’ll need to key in on body language and facial expressions. Taking pictures of beautiful architecture is a completely different story. How do we key-in on various elements and pay specific attention to the details of a building? Let’s explore the depths of architectural photography. Old Architecture Stripping down the beauty of an older building is simple – all you need is a straightforward and simple composition. It’s great to incorporate the surrounding scenery to provide texture between the building and nature surrounding it. This also makes the image appear less congested. Modern Architecture Photographing modern architecture takes a bit more experience as you’ll need to utilize a more abstract style. Try using wide-angle lenses to generate an extreme perspective and bring unique angels to the light. Since modern buildings are typically constructed rather close to one another, you have more leeway to crop in tightly on the building without losing the natural feel. Don’t Forget Lighting If you’re trying to work with natural light, side-front lighting often creates the best architecture photos. Not only […]
Are Headshots Important?
Whether you are applying for a job or publishing an article, it’s important to always appear professional, both in person and online. If you’re hesitant about investing in professional headshots, think about what that photo you took on your iPhone says about you. A photo taken on your iPhone or digital camera won’ be able to capture you in the best light, at the best angle, and it certainly won’t capture your personality. A professional headshot can show off your confidence and style. Here are a few more reasons why headshots are important to have: Since social media is a strong part of our society, anyone can search for you on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to find out more information. Your headshot can often be the first impression people have of you. Investing in professional headshots shows that you care about all the details and how you appear to others. These photos will also show you take yourself seriously as a professional. Many of your peers may still rely on just regular photos, so when you have professional photos to represent yourself to potential employers or recruiters, you will stand out from the crowd! When communicating with professionals, it’s not just about what’s written down, […]
Client Highlight – Health Monitor
Environmental portraiture can help tell any story.  I’m so happy to have the chance to help Health Monitor Magazine tell their stories.  Health Monitor is a journal that you will often find in the doctor’s waiting room while waiting for your appointment.  They have several journals that specialize in different health conditions like diabetes and arthritis.  The journals are full of great information and advice for patients.  They also feature the real stories of other patients living with the same condition.  These stories can serve as wonderful inspiration.  They prove living with a chronic disease does not have to define your life.   When the Health Monitor has a patient based in the Boston area, I’m proud to be the photographer they call.  I’m happy to have shot several environmental portraits of them, including some cover photos.  The interviews feature portraits of the patients in their own environments.  They look for happy, confident and accessible images.  These shoots are a great time.  I get the chance to meet a wonderful person who will serve as an inspiration to someone in a scary situation.  I also get the chance to work with my favorite hair and makeup artist Michelle DeVoe.   […]
Ringing in the Holidays with the Back Bay Ringers
I’m so grateful for the unique experiences my career has offered me.  I had one of those unique experiences this month with the Back Bay Ringers.  They contacted me to photograph a holiday concert they were holding at the gorgeous Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport, Massachusetts.  If you’ve never seen a concert at Shalin Liu before, please put it on your bucket list!  The space is absolutely spectacular.  It sits on the ocean and the stage is backed by a wall of windows with the most breathtaking view!  It’s also the perfect size.  Large enough to fit a decent size ensemble, yet small enough to keep the performance intimate.  I was thrilled to be shooting in this space.  The Back Bay Ringers are a community-based handbell ensemble.  Have you ever attended a handbell ensemble?  Me neither!  But I can tell you one thing.  They sound exactly what I want my holidays to sound like!  Another thing for your bucket list.   I started the day photographing the group set up.  These environmental photos are great for any organization.  They help your customers and followers understand just how much goes into your work.   I had no idea what would go […]
Behind the Scenes – TJX Video Shoot
I’m very fortunate to work with TJX several times throughout the year.  I photograph wonderful events like charity check presentations, retirement parties and employee BBQ’s.  But for the past two years, I’ve looked forward to one job in particular.  Each year, TJX honors those employees (or associates, as they are called at the company) celebrating special anniversaries.  TJX is a very special company to work for and they have associates who have been with them from 15  years to as many as 50 years.  These associates are celebrated when they are with the corporation every five years.  Now, TJX is a huge company.  So we’re talking about over a hundred associate celebrated each year.  The company used to do a nice slide show with a head shot of each associate.  When they wanted to shake things up and make the celebration more interesting, they came to me. I proposed the idea of a video where each associate is interviewed.  The interviews would get more detailed the longer the associate was with the company.  It is a great way to get to know these special people who have dedicated so much of their lives to working at TJX. With the sheer […]
Empowering Campaigns- Always #LikeAGirl
There is nothing better than looking at an image of a strong and confident subject.  I’m constantly looking for images and campaigns that portray that strength and beauty for my own inspiration. If you haven’t watched the Always (the manufacturer of the feminine product) #LikeAGirl video campaign, take the time now to watch it. Even though the first video campaign was published over two years ago, it still has such a strong impact every time I watch it. The Always #LikeAGirl video was published in June of 2014 and currently has over 62 million views on their YouTube channel. The campaign video is always the same, to empower girls and women around the world to believe in themselves. The video didn’t receive much of a recognition until it aired during the 2015 Super Bowl.  It asks a range of people to perform certain tasks, “like a girl.” The older men and women performed these tasks like running or fighting in a weak and silly manner. It appeared that all these people were implying that doing something “like a girl” is to do it poorly. However, when the same question was asked to young girls (not yet marred by societal expectations […]
Venues in Boston to Host Corporate Events
I’ve had the chance to photograph hundreds of corporate events throughout the city of Boston. Hotels and conference centers are probably one of the best choices you can make when selecting corporate event space in Boston. They offer convenient overnight accommodations and dining options as well as nearby tourist spots of the family of event guests.  If you’re looking to host major exhibits, a trade show, or convention here are a few of my favorite venues that I have worked with! The Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center is one of my favorite venues to photograph for both special events and conferences! This venue has endless options for corporate event spaces from seven ballrooms to a massive exhibit hall that holds close to 3,500 guests. In the same area of the World Trade Center, the Exchange Conference Center is located in the Boston Seaport District. The Conference Center offers multiple corporate event spaces with large windows that show beautiful waterfront views. The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center is a large venue in the heart of Seaport and has around 82 meeting rooms that can be transformed for numerous purposes. The Mandarin Oriental located in Boston has extravagant ballrooms, three beautifully […]
How to Make Clients Comfortable on a Shoot
Photographers can run in situations where it’s difficult to make their subjects feel comfortable and relaxed when they are photographed. The first step is all about being prepared. Let them know what the shoot will be like. I always suggest my clients find clothing that really reflects their style, personality, and taste.  I also suggest they choose outfits they are comfortable in and that look great on them.   I learn if there are things they don’t like about themselves so I can work the right angles. It can be a bit scary to just jump into a photo shoot unaware of how to pose. It’s helpful to direct clients to general poses and then allow them the freedom to become more comfortable and make the pose their own   The day of the shoot, I try to start in my office and chat a bit to get them comfortable before we head into the studio.  At that point, I really just make a fool of myself until they laugh, anything to keep it light. It’s important to engage with your clients on more than just a “photographer-subject” exchange.  I chat through the whole shoot so they can take their […]
Why You Should Have a Professional Photographer at Your Corporate Event
Whether you are hosting a corporate event, business seminar or fundraiser, you should hire a professional photographer to document the day. If you try to delegate the job to a co-worker or do it yourself, you may be stuck with juggling too many tasks.  Event planners often go into events with the best intention to document the day themselves.  Unfortunately, they find themselves missing key moments while trying to put out fires.   Planners should be able to enjoy the event, or at least maintain their sanity! The right professional photographer will have experience with different types of corporate events and occasions. They will know to photograph the decorations, food, speakers, awards, group shots as well as capture candid moments.  The right images of your keynote speakers, guests, speeches, vendors, and everything your event offers will help planners to promote future events. A professional photographer understands how to capture the candid shots that will help promote your event. They will be able to photograph your guest networking and enjoying themselves without being noticed. They will frame photos to omit empty seats to help showcase a well-attended event.  They will capture the details of each event so the event planner can reference […]
The Best Type of Entertainment for your Corporate Event
Bringing Fun to Corporate Events If you are in the current process of planning your next corporate event or conference, hiring entertainment is a great idea! When figuring out what type of entertainer to have at your event, you should take into consideration the event timeline and the theme of your event so you can plan accordingly! Also take into account your venue size and available space so you can ensure your entertainment can be experienced and enjoyed by all your guests.   If you are hosting a conference or event where your guests don’t know each other well, it can be a good to idea to hire an entertainer that engages and interacts with everyone! This will help facilitate networking.  Comedians or hypnotists can really lighten the mood for your corporate event and encourage people to participate in their act.   If you are allowing guests to bring their significant other to your corporate event or conference, hiring a musician, band or DJ could be a great way to get people dancing and having fun! Alternately, your guests are much less likely to dance without their significant other.  When choosing your musical entertainer It’s important to select a variety […]