Photography by Nikki Cole

About Us - Nikki Cole Photography

Winthrop MA Photographer

Through the eye of her camera, Nikki Cole captures your business at its best. Nikki Cole is a full service corporate and commercial photography studio serving Boston and the entire New England area.


History of Nikki Cole Photography - Massachusetts Photographer

Since 2003, Nikki has used her keen eye and photography skills to bring her subjects to life, in print. She apprenticed with some of the most desired photographers in Boston and Massachusetts and really soaked up everything they had to teach about photography, light, subjects and bringing out the emotion, soul and essence of a photograph.

Prior to picking up a camera professionally, Nikki spent ten years working as an event planner. This experience has proven invaluable over and over again. Nikki’s expertise in event planning gives her a ‘backstage’ insight into events, including the flow, timeline, look and feel. Being a successful event planner requires a keen eye for all the details, as they’re really what makes an event successful. This trait carries through to Nikki’s work as a photographer.


Working With Nikki - Massachusetts Portraits, Event, and Corporate Photography

Nikki has an innate sense of brand: your personal brand, family brand or corporate brand. What does this mean? She is able to ensure your photographs match whatever message you are trying to convey.

It’s like having another arm of your marketing department that can capture your essence in print. She works with you, as part of your team, to focus on branding and your company mission and ensure this comes out through the photographs.

If you are looking for a photographer who pays attention to the details, of the photograph and service, then you’ll want to meet Nikki. She is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. She meets deadlines, is flexible with scheduling and responds quickly to inquiries.


Photography Services

Nikki has been providing professional photography since 2003. Her photography specialties are:

  • Headshots - studio style with backdrop and lighting
  • Portraits - in an indoor or outdoor setting that add more character and context for the subject
  • Event Photography - Styled, staged and candid shots for galas, fundraisers, conferences, employee events, client events
  • Architecture - Real estate and commercial photography

To see how your business can benefit from the art of good photography, contact Nikki today. You can reach her by phone at 617-846-3314 or email at