Photography by Nikki Cole

Corporate Event Photography

Nikki Cole 

Nikki Cole, once an event planner, is an expert in shooting corporate event photography in the Boston and greater New England area. 


Types of Corporate Events Nikki Captures

  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Employee retreats, team-building, meetings and events
  • Client events
  • Networking events


Why Hire A Photographer For Your Corporate Event? 

While people have their cell phones handy to capture a candid moment or selfie, their time is at a conference, workshop or event is generally spent networking, learning and in the moment.

If your business is hosting an event, hiring a photographer has many benefits including:

  • Your guests will feel less pressure to capture their own moments which means they don’t have to experience the event behind the lens of their own camera
  • Your speakers and session are captured to share
  • You can showcase the event in a branded, uniform and professional manner on your social media channels, website and advertising 


Getting That Perfect Shot 

Event images can be challenging to get right which is why it is important to hire a professional, rather than rely on yourself or a team member. Experienced event photographers know how to capture those special, memorable moments.  

With a lot going on at an event, having a photographer with a keen eye for the little details can really make all the difference in the photography. Nikki Cole has extensive experience both planning and capturing events which makes her an ideal choice for shooting your next Boston corporate event. 

She is able to zero in on the heart of the matter, rather than the noise of the people, the space and the venue. She can find and capture those a-ha moments from a keynote address, the networking connections gone right, and the relaxed smiles of your guests having a great time. 

For corporate event photography throughout the Boston and New England area, contact Nikki. You can reach her by phone at 617-846-3314 or email at