Photography by Nikki Cole

Boston Portrait Photography - Nikki Cole


Portrait photography captures a person’s personality. In today’s world of social media-integrated business, a good headshot helps a person or business stand out in the crowd. If your business is looking for portrait photography that goes beyond the typical studio headshot, Nikki Cole can come to your favorite place to bring out the essence of your brand and vision.

After all, your employees are an extension of your business brand. A headshot is an extension of that. Portrait photography can really highlight an employee’s personality, interests and job description.

Nikki will work with you to consider the style of portrait photography that will best bring your brand to life, in print. 


Where Should The Portrait Session Take Place?

Some businesses opt for the same location for all employees or at least the same style of photography. Others want to capture their employees doing what they do best, working in their natural work environment. Others like to add a bit of a person’s personal life to their photograph. Nikki will get to know your business to determine a concept that will work well for you.

Regardless of where your photo session will take place, Nikki will capture the style of her subject. 


What Should You Wear?

Simple, plain colors are best. It’s wise to avoid busy patterns, light colors or shades that are close to your skin color. Navy, green, black and plum look great in natural light and are flattering color choices for most people. What are your brand colors?

Think about your employee profile page and what you want it to convey. Do you want each photo to be unique or would you like an element of similarity to run through. Consider having everyone wear something in the same color for a uniform look.


Portrait Photography

Nikki is great at ensuring you feel relaxed on the other side of the camera. She works with you so she can capture you in a way that reflects who you really are. Because your portrait shot is a first-impression look of your reputation, good business depends on good portrait photography.

For portrait photography throughout the Boston and New England area, contact Nikki. You can reach her by phone at 617-846-3314 or email at