Photography by Nikki Cole

Event Photography For Galas & Fundraisers in Boston, MA

Nikki Cole

Nikki Cole, once an event planner, is one of Boston’s best photographers for your next gala or fundraiser event. Nikki has an extensive background in event planning which means she understands the flow and style of an event. She ‘gets’ it. 

Galas and fundraisers can be difficult to capture. Do you stage posed shots as people enter? With people milling about, eating, talking and having fun, how do you ensure your candid shots truly capture the right moments? Well, that’s where an experienced professional photographer comes in handy.

Have you ever been to a fancy event, gala or even a wedding? You’ve likely snapped your own ‘moments in time’. It’s difficult to do these events justice with a point-and-shoot or cellphone camera because often, they are warmly lit. Your camera might over or under expose the image trying to find the right focus. If you compare to the shots the professional photographer got, you may notice a difference in lighting, mood, crispness, focus and more.

As a professionally trained event photographer, Nikki can capture those picture-perfect moments in perfect quality, regardless of the lighting and the setting.


For event photography throughout the Boston and New England area, contact Nikki. You can reach her by phone at 617-846-3314 or email at