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Nikki Cole - Architectural Photographer

Home. It’s that place we start and end our day. It wraps us in love, warmth and memories. But, when it comes time to sell, depersonalizing your home from everything you love and then taking high quality photographs will help sell your home.

Did you know the majority of home searchers start their search online? That means their first impression of a home for sale is based on a few photographs and a carefully crafted description. A home buyer needs to be able to get the ‘feel’ of a home and picture themselves living there in order for them to book an in-person showing. So, that means it pays to get high quality, professional photographs.

Real estate photography allows me to blend my love for capturing the ‘heart’ of a person with the ‘details’ of a place. The goal in real estate photography is to sell the home. That means ensuring there is the best possible natural light, the rooms are an accurate representation of their size and everything looks show-ready.

Real Estate photography allows me the opportunity to shoot interior and exterior shots. My vision is to capture the best, most photogenic part of each room so that the home showcases well online and in print.

Homes that show better generally sell faster. The photos play a big role in that statement. Consider the photographs like a business card or brochure. Can we tell the story of the home and why the potential buyer should make an offer? Good real estate photography captures this story visually.

If you are a Boston or New England real estate agent or developer looking for high quality photographs of your homes for sale, contact Nikki Cole. You can reach her by phone at 617-846-3314 or email at Her photographs deliver results.

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