Photography by Nikki Cole

Headshots - Nikki Cole Photography


A good corporate headshot is just good business!  Your headshot is key to your profile both online and off. 

Your employee headshots should showcase your brand. If you are looking to highlight your employees in a professional, clean and uniform way, stylized corporate headshots are the way to go. 

Many businesses opt for in-studio photography with a consistent backdrop. Today, a modern and more contemporary look is often favored. In this case, a white backdrop is ideal. This style of corporate headshot allows for a consistent look and feel, which is a great choice for businesses where there may be new hires on a regular basis.  

Studio headshots do not have to be boring or stuffy and that’s where using an experienced photographer comes to play. Nikki can capture the style and soul of her subject, even on a clean white backdrop.  

Your personal brand and business brand is everywhere thanks to social media! Having a professional, confident, stylized headshot will bring your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. to a higher level. 

Nikki works with you to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed on your side of the camera. It’s this coaching that gets the best shots, capturing who you truly are. After all, your reputation depends on it! 

One of the most asked questions is what to wear for headshot photography. Simple, plain colors are best. Consider the backdrop and style you are aiming for. If you prefer a white backdrop you may wish for a deep or bright color, rather than a shade of white. Are you doing team headshots? Some businesses like to ensure every person on the team is has at least one element or accessory in the same color. 

First impressions count and often your first impression takes place with a picture. Whether you are a real estate agent, lawyer, manager, computer programmer or salesperson, Nikki can bring you to life in photograph form. 

For in-studio headshot photography contact Nikki. You can reach her by phone at 617-846-3314 or email at

While Nikki Cole’s studio is located in Winthrop, she services the entire Boston and greater New England area.