Photography by Nikki Cole
Real Estate Architectural Photography Vs Commercial Architectural Photography
Here at Nikki Cole Photography, we love to take photos outside and inside of buildings and homes. In a broad sense, this is called architectural photography. We then branch out into two very distinctive arms of this service: real estate and commercial. At first glance, real estate photography and commercial architectural photography appear quite similar. Both focus on photographing exteriors and interiors of buildings. But, when it comes down to it, the two are actually quite different. The biggest difference is the goal of the photos. But, time, equipment and editing is also very different for these two services. Both are very rewarding, as both involve bringing a space, filled with inanimate objects, to life. But, both serve very different purposes.   Real Estate Photography – Let’s Sell This House! Real Estate photography is designed to sell a house. A photographer tries to capture the details and nuances within the structure of a home. The goal is to make the house look bright, spacious and inviting. These photographs will be used in print, brochures, on a website and social media. They are to provide a thorough overview of the home at a quick glance. In addition, they should entice people […]
Let’s Talk Corporate Portrait Backgrounds!
It’s time for corporate photos!  There is a general air of excitement around the office as the team idly chat about what to wear and how to do their hair. Some are excited for a new headshot. Others, not so much! Suddenly all the talk around the office water cooler is hairstyles, clothing and makeup. Beyond generating excitement with the employees, there’s a lot of behind the scenes details that go into ensuring great corporate headshots that bring out the personality of your brand and your team. It’s important to choose an experienced photographer so every employee feels comfortable and trusts that they will look great in their new photo. The next big decision is deciding what type of background is right for you.  Generally, it’s important to outline where you will be utilizing these photos. Is it for business cards only?  Will they be going onto brochures? A website? Social media profiles such as LinkedIn? Large photographs in the office? Once you know what the photographs will be used for, that may help you decide what kind of background you think would be best. Of course, lean into your photographer for his or her expertise as well. Most corporate […]
Indoor lighting vs Outdoor lighting vs photographer lighting
Light is one of the most important elements in photography. The direction of the light and the type of light cast can change the end result of a photograph. Good lighting is important to ensuring photographs look their best. While many photographers prefer to utilize natural light to their advantage, there can be a time and place for adding additional lighting as required. Unless you are a photographer who specializes in either outdoor shoots or studio shoots, an experienced photographer will be required to work under all lighting conditions. So, while they may have a preference, there are tricks to make a subject look good in any lighting environment. Often, the photographer will bring in his/her own lighting sources to aid in ensuring the best quality end result photograph.   Indoor Lighting There are a variety of situations that would require a photographer to shoot indoors. Shooting in a studio is perhaps the easiest as the photographer has full control over the light sources and backdrops. There are plenty of occasions that require indoor shoots that extend beyond a studio. These include events and architectural photography. When shooting indoors, a photographer needs to have the right equipment on hand. This […]
Your Photographer’s Personality is Important, Too.
When a person being photographed is relaxed and in a good mood, she or he photographs better. It is easier to bring out the personality and get those hero shots. An experienced photographer is able to work with the subject to make sure they are relaxed, enjoying themselves and not nervous. Bringing out the subject’s personality and style is important to the success of the end result. Did you know your photographer’s personality is also important? If a subject feels comfortable around their photographer, this will show. A photographer who is relaxed, cheerful and can go with the flow will make for a less intimidating photo shoot. A photo shoot where the subject is not nervous will make for better photos in the end. Try and get to know your photographer before your scheduled shoot. A phone call with a few questions can go a long way to ensure you feel comfortable when it comes time to shoot. Your photographer directs the photo shoot, including the general feeling. If they are relaxed, you will be too. And, this comes from experience. An experienced photographer learns more than just his or her craft. They learn how to read people, relax people […]
Studio Headshots – Personality on a Clean White Backdrop
We often hear people shy away from studio headshots because they have a belief that they are boring or stuffy.  Forced smiles, crossed arms and awkward head tilts can make any subject feel uncomfortable, and that comes across in the end result. But, studio headshots do not have to look forced or like a bad school photograph. That’s where hiring an experienced photographer comes into play. A photographer with a good eye and an exceptional ability to bring out the best in people can capture the style and soul of the subject and bring a personality to life, even on a white backdrop. From understanding the goal of the photograph, the subject’s career, and personality, to shooting until she can get a relaxed picture-perfect shot, Nikki is one of the best at making a posed headshot look anything but posed and boring. If you are in the Boston area and need a headshot, expect the best. Even on a solid background, your style and personality can come through for a finished product you will love. Contact Nikki Cole Photography for all your corporate and headshot photography needs.
How to Ensure Everyone is Picture Perfect Ready When Photographing at an Event
Nikki Cole Photography shoots a lot of events, retreats and corporate get togethers. The recommended shot list always includes ensuring there are candid shots of guests mingling and enjoying themselves. Capturing good and usable shots during cocktail hour or receptions can be difficult if you are not an experienced event photographer. Getting excellent shots of people milling about, eating, and talking is no easy feat. But, with experience, you can capture picture-perfect candid shots where all the guests look their best. Capture the Right Moments – Look for moments as they happen. People having fun, laughing at a joke or connecting over good conversation. Avoid the Food – Nobody wants to see themselves in a photograph mid-bite or chew. Look for Genuine Smiles – People who are smiling with their whole face, look amazing in a photograph. Rather than asking people to pose and say ‘cheese’, use your eye to find people who look truly happy. Nikki Cole Photography is a leading choice for Boston and area event photography. Nikki is a professionally trained event photographer that knows how to work the room to get the perfect shots.
Hosting an Event in Boston? Hire a Professional Photographer
If you run an establishment in the Boston area that is regularly used as an event venue, it’s important to ensure the photos that go public show your business in the best light possible. Many event organizers hire photographers to shoot their event, and now it is becoming more common for establishments to also hire photographers that can showcase their venue in the best possible light. In order to gain new clients and business, your establishment must look its best. Hiring a professional photographer can help with that. Your photographer can highlight your venue’s architecture, design and most important features. A corporate photographer has an eye for detail that can help ensure the photos do a great job acting as a true representation of your business. There are a lot of interesting, unique and fabulous event venues in the greater Boston area. Potential clients have a lot of choice. Having professional photographs highlighting past events as well as your capabilities help ensure your venue has the best chance at gaining new business. Nikki Cole Photography provides corporate and event photography in the Boston area. With years of experience in event planning and photography, Nikki is a top choice if you […]
Where in the world does Nikki Photograph?
There is a saying “have camera, will travel” and when it comes to Photography by Nikki Cole, that saying rings true. While Nikki Cole primarily shoots around the Boston and New England region, she ventures nationally and internationally as well. Photography by Nikki Cole has covered headshots, special events, fundraisers and corporate fundraisers outside of the New England region including New York, Washington DC and Haiti. If you are planning an event, conference or in need of your favorite corporate photographer, you can bring Nikki along with you. More locally, while Photography by Nikki Cole is based in Winthrop, Massachusetts Nikki Cole is a trusted name in the industry throughout the greater Boston region, and into the other New England states. The local service area includes Boston, Winthrop, Newton, Brighton, Chestnut Hill, Brookline and Charlestown. A little further afield, Photography by Nikki Cole has photographed special events, conferences and businesses in Cambridge, Massachusetts as well as New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island. If you’re looking for exceptional corporate photography services provided by a trusted and experienced photography, Nikki Cole can help, regardless of location. “Have Camera Will Travel” is more than just a saying. For Photography by Nikki […]
Should You Wear Accessories During Professional Headshots?
Accessories can make or break an outfit, right? The right necklace, earrings, scarf and even pair of sunglasses can turn a regular ensemble into one that wows. But, when it comes to professional headshots, sometimes less is more. After all, the main focus should be on you, not what you’re wearing. Earrings – A nice pair of studs can actually help to brighten up your face; however, anything much more flashy can actually draw the attention away from your face. Necklace – The goal with a necklace is to not intersect with the neckline of your top. It should be shorter than that. If you really want to wear a necklace, where something with some substance to it so it adds to the photograph, such as a nice set of pearls. Scarves – A scarf can end up looking bulky in a photograph; however, if this is a part of your signature brand look, by all means bring it along. Sunglasses – Generally speaking, we want to see your eyes in your photograph so it’s best to leave your sunglasses at home. Tie – Ideally, your tie will match or compliment your outfit without drawing the attention away from your […]
Glasses or No Glasses… Will My Glasses Have Glare?
This is one of the most common questions we get asked before a professional, corporate headshot. Many people love the style of their glasses. They admit they might feel more sophisticated or intelligent when wearing glasses and want their corporate headshot to exude that same confidence. But, then they worry about the glare that can cast off a lens. Glasses can sometimes pose a problem in photography; however, an experienced professional photographer can handle this like, well, a pro. If you wear glasses the majority of the time then it is likely you will want to wear glasses in your portrait as well. So, there are many things a photographer can do to alleviate the potential for glare in the photograph, and to ensure your eyes are clearly seen in the final product. If you are planning on wearing your glasses, do give a heads up. We might change the lighting or the angle of the photograph to ensure there is no glare on your lens. By watching the angles, knowing where the light is coming from and properly positioning you, and even tilting your glasses slightly we can eliminate the glare before we’ve shot the photograph, so it doesn’t […]