Photography by Nikki Cole
What to Wear When Giving a Public Lecture
Whether you’re giving a lecture for work or school, it’s critical to look presentable. While you may be blowing away the audience with your speech, you could also be scaring them off with your appearance. It’s essential to provide your audience with an air of confidence and this means looking the part. You don’t need to be dressed in a ball gown or a tuxedo to look sharp, just make sure you are wearing the essentials. Tip #1 Dress Better than Your Audience You want to make sure you dress just as nice as the audience or slightly better. However, don’t go overboard so you look like a fish out of water. Know who your audience is so you understand exactly what to wear. It should be obvious whether you need to wear a suit and tie or just a simple button down. Tip #2 You Must be Able to Move If you are going to be walking around a stage, don’t let fashion restrict your movement. Even if you’re standing in front of a podium, you’ll still be animated to capture your audience’s attention. Make sure your outfit isn’t too snug or restricting so you don’t feel uncomfortable walking […]
Understanding the Difference Between Portraits & Headshots
People often confuse headshots with portraits and while they’re very similar, there are some major differences. All About Headshots in Boston, MA A headshot is self-explanatory as it’s a close-up photo of the head and shoulders. This style of shooting is typically used for branding and marketing. You’ll often find these photos on the About Us section of a company website or on an actor’s profile. The main goal is to be able to easily identify the subject. Headshots are also used on social media channels, particularly Linkedin. One of the key elements of a headshot is that subject must be looking at the camera. Below are some tips on how to pose for a headshot: Keep your appearance simple Try to communicate with your eyes Have good posture and breathe beforehand Push your chin out Understanding Portraits in Boston, MA There’s a bit more wiggle room when it comes to portraits as you can select from closeups, full body shots and more. Additionally, portraits can include more than one person. Portraits usually aren’t very formal and are used to tell a story. The photographer as well as the model involved can make things more dramatic and involve artistic expression. […]
Julian Edelman Reads Flying High – Newton, Massachusetts
I love it when a photography job makes my dad excited.  He’s been most excited about my jobs with the Red Sox.  But I believe I’ve hit a new high for him.  I had the pleasure of photographing the one and only Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman.  Julian recently wrote a children’s book called Flying High.  As part of his book release, he did a reading for the folks from the PJ Library at the Newton JCC.  Julian started with a an intimate group of children.  The kids were just enthralled with him.  Being a new dad himself, I think Julian enjoyed it as well!  After the private reading, he greeted a much larger group of fans (adults and children alike)  in the auditorium for a much larger reading. After the event, Julian was kind enough to stick around to sign some of his books and other memorabilia.  It was a blast capturing this fun event.  Here are some of my favorite photos from the day!  
Should I Pose for the Photographer During My Company Outing?
Corporate outings are always an exciting experience as it’s a great way to relieve stress at work and bring colleagues together. If your company has hired a professional photographer to capture your outing, your employees could get a bit nervous. It’s best to pretend the photographer isn’t even there and just have fun. During almost every event, workers will stop what they’re doing to pose for the photographer. However, it’s the photographer’s job to capture employees during the company trip. Whether you’re at a baseball game or having a picnic in the park, try to avoid glancing at the photographer constantly. It’s not only distracting for the photographer but the other employees have to stop what they’re doing while you pose. You certainly don’t want the day to be interrupted because you keep looking into the camera. The best photos are candid because the photographer can snap photos of you truly having a good time. When it comes down to it, always act as if the photographer isn’t around unless they ask for you to pose. Your responsibility is to just enjoy yourself and work on team building with your fellow employees. Rest assured, there will be countless photos for […]
Selling Your House? Why You Should Have Your Home’s Interior Professionally Photographed
A majority of us are accustomed to living in the “Age of Technology.” We can’t seem to get enough of our smart phones, often leading us to believe that we can take high-quality real estate photos. While this may be true in some instances, it’s best to hire a professional photographer when selling your home in Boston, MA. If you have an amazing house, why not spend the money to really show it off? Listing photos are one the most critical factors when browsing properties online. Think about sites like Trulia, Zillow and even Craigslist, would you really consider looking at a property if there are no photos? Probably not. Photos are essential when buying or renting a home, condo or apartment.  But only if the photos look great. In a recent study, photos helped homes sell much faster – whether it’s a $2 million-dollar home or a $150,000 starter-home. Many real estate agents believe putting a home on a high-ranking website is the best way to get the property noticed but this is actually not the case. The images are the first thing prospective buyers look at. You need vivid imagery that makes each room pop. Professional photographers utilize […]
Types of Corporate Events You’ll Want Photographed
Taking photos of a corporate event is always an exciting process. It’s quite enjoyable looking through the lens of a camera and capturing employees smiling at one another or bonding during an activity. Even if the corporate event in Boston is a bit more serious and professional, there’s plenty to learn about each company or organization. Sports Games Sports in Boston are HUGE – from the Boston Celtics to the New England Patriots, Bostonians just can’t get enough. A lot of companies often treat their employees to sporting events and this is a magnificent time for colleagues to get better acquainted. Especially during the spring and summer months, there are gorgeous scenic backgrounds and the lighting is magnificent. Meetings & Conferences Whether your company is giving a magnetic speech for young professionals or students at one of Boston’s many universities, this a great way to drive home your business’ message. Professional meetings and catered lunches are often photographed as well. These photos are useful to publish on the company website, helping to showcase what clients you work with, that your company likes getting involved and that you make an impact on others. Outdoor Adventures The Charles River is used every […]
Why a White Background is Perfect for Head Shots
Choosing a background color for your head shot can be quite tricky, especially for a corporate head shot. I always use white backgrounds as this is a tried and true method. A majority of corporate head shots actually require a white background. White provides a neutral color reference and it does not interfere with the person being photographed or other colors that could potentially be involved. For those who need print ads or online graphics, white is ideal as it can be altered to generate composite images. One of the major benefits of using a white background is that the shade and color can be adjusted with different lighting. White backgrounds also offer the least amount of distractions so you can really zone in on the subject’s beautiful features. Now with social media rapidly increasing in popularity, professionals are seeking high-quality LinkedIn photos. White background is perfect for this as it allows the client to stand out in the photo. You’ll notice many catalog prints and beauty blogger websites feature head shots with a white background. Again, this allows viewers to really focus in on the model. Whether they are advertising accessories or makeup, there are no distractions with the […]
When Would I Need a Headshot?
Those in the entertainment industry are already well-aware that a headshot is critical. If you’re trying to get auditions for acting or modeling, the first item to be looked at is often the headshot. Headshots aren’t just for aspiring actors and actresses, however. Businesses can really benefit from professional headshots. You’ll often find professional business photos on Linkedin as well as the About Us section of a business’s website. Let’s check out some other instances of when you would need a headshot. To Present a Professional Webpage If you’re going to be positing photos of yourself and your employees, your audience will know when you are grabbing photos from their social media profiles. By hiring a Boston headshot photographer, you are keeping every photo consistent. This means if you have separate headshots for every employee on the website, they’ll all have the same background and the same style of photography which makes the website appear cohesive.  Take a look at the Santa Fe Group site.  I shot each of these headshots, but one.  Can you tell the odd man out? When You’re Creating Multiple Business Profiles A headshot is ideal for Linkedin but you can also use it for your […]
Common Mistakes People Make When Taking Headshots
If you’re planning on taking a head shot, whether it’s for your acting career or company “About Us” page, there are several things you should avoid. Smiling Too Much This might be the first time you’ve heard that smiling can set you back but you actually want your headshot to be neutral, especially if it’s a headshot for acting. A neutral face means your lips won’t be tightened and your eyes will be opened wider. If you want to show off your pearly whites, go for it.  But then try a softer look to round out your portfolio. Hair in Your Face When you have too much hair in your face, it’s going to be difficult for people to see your gorgeous face! Same with beards, gentlemen. If you’ve shaved or trimmed your beard, make sure there aren’t any stray hairs. Distracting Attire Clothing that shows off too much skin is clearly distracting but so are visible logos and patterned clothing. Ruffled and messy clothing can often be distracting. Doing Your Own Makeup Leave this one to the professionals.  Skin and makeup can look very different under professional lighting.  It’s best to leave your makeup to a makeup artist with […]
Tips & Tricks for Corporate Headshots
Taking a headshot for work is much different than taking a photo for your company. Let’s explore some tips and tricks to nailing your corporate headshot.   Clothing for Men Wear clothing that reflects the level of formality in your company and profession.  This could be a suit jacket, nice dress shirt and matching tie or if you want a casual business look, wear a jacket and open dress shirt. You can always opt for a polo or cool Tshirt if your company is casual but make sure your shirt is in perfect condition. Avoid wearing a white dress shirt unless it’s under a jacket or sweater. If you wear a white shirt, sweat stains can show up which is quite embarrassing.   Clothing for Women A unique neckline might alter the shape of your face so bring multiple shirts to see what works best. If you are bringing a blouse, wear one that is darker than your skin tone. Your clothing should be seasonal neutral.  So you may want to avoid sleeveless shirts.   Jewelry Keep your jewelry as simple and small as possible, unless you are trying to make a statement with it. Your jewelry should enhance rather […]
How to Take Beautiful Interior Photos
If you’re trying to advertise your business or showcase your home’s interior, it’s important to hire a professional photographer. Whether you have a chic restaurant, cozy diner or riveting nightclub, adding some professional photographs to your website is perfect for advertising. What Impression Are You Trying to Give Off Think about how you want to present the interior of your business, event or home. Are there panoramic views that you’d like to use or perhaps a warm entryway? If you own a restaurant you’ll want to include photos of guests enjoying their meals, food, the bar if you have one and any unique décor. Consider your clientele and the people you are trying to get through the door. Use Proper Lighting The time of day you take the photo will affect how your photos look. If you want to make a romantic mood than set up your photo shoot for the evening. However, when you want to present a more high-energy environment, use the natural light and open the blinds. Try to balance the indoor and outdoor light.  On occasion you may need extra lamp lighting or professional lighting. Wide Angles When capturing a significant amount of space you should […]
Tips for Taking a Better Head Shot
Whether you’ve taken multiple head shots or you’re a first timer, getting in front of the camera can be quite nerve-wracking. Choosing the clothes, staying in one place and deciding how to pose takes some serious thinking. Use my tips below to get yourself ready. Relax and Breathe Breathing deeply will help you relax a bit and try to forget the camera is even there (I know, easier said than done). If you focus on posing than your photo won’t come off as genuine. Don’t Wear Anything Too Distracting Avoid wearing clothing that will distract people from your face. Keep your hair in a simple up-do or down and flowy. Basically, you want everyone to see how you normally look. Don’t try to be too glamorous because it’s important that people see the real you. Keep Your Chin Down Most people are inclined to lean backwards in a photo which can be awkward because the eyes appear partially closed. Bring your chin down so the camera isn’t looking up your nose or mouth. Your eyes will appear larger and more open when the chin is pointing down. Create Space Between the Arms & Body There are “power headshots” where the […]
A Guide to Architectural Photography
Capturing the moment through the lens of a camera takes a steady hand a focused eye. When taking photos of couples, children, office events, etc. you’ll need to key in on body language and facial expressions. Taking pictures of beautiful architecture is a completely different story. How do we key-in on various elements and pay specific attention to the details of a building? Let’s explore the depths of architectural photography. Old Architecture Stripping down the beauty of an older building is simple – all you need is a straightforward and simple composition. It’s great to incorporate the surrounding scenery to provide texture between the building and nature surrounding it. This also makes the image appear less congested. Modern Architecture Photographing modern architecture takes a bit more experience as you’ll need to utilize a more abstract style. Try using wide-angle lenses to generate an extreme perspective and bring unique angels to the light. Since modern buildings are typically constructed rather close to one another, you have more leeway to crop in tightly on the building without losing the natural feel. Don’t Forget Lighting If you’re trying to work with natural light, side-front lighting often creates the best architecture photos. Not only […]
Are Headshots Important?
Whether you are applying for a job or publishing an article, it’s important to always appear professional, both in person and online. If you’re hesitant about investing in professional headshots, think about what that photo you took on your iPhone says about you. A photo taken on your iPhone or digital camera won’ be able to capture you in the best light, at the best angle, and it certainly won’t capture your personality. A professional headshot can show off your confidence and style. Here are a few more reasons why headshots are important to have: Since social media is a strong part of our society, anyone can search for you on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to find out more information. Your headshot can often be the first impression people have of you. Investing in professional headshots shows that you care about all the details and how you appear to others. These photos will also show you take yourself seriously as a professional. Many of your peers may still rely on just regular photos, so when you have professional photos to represent yourself to potential employers or recruiters, you will stand out from the crowd! When communicating with professionals, it’s not just about what’s written down, […]