Photography by Nikki Cole
When Is The Best Time of The Year To Take Commercial Real Estate Photos in Boston
Commercial real estate photos have one important job to do. They need sell a property with visuals. So, one might conclude that the best time of year to take commercial real estate photos is when it comes time to sell. Actually, when taking commercial photos it is best to take photos in a season that does not date the photo. In other words, you don’t want to take photos you might need year-round in the middle of winter. Boston is beautiful year-round; however, scheduling commercial real estate shoots for the winter could date the picture. Fall and spring are especially beautiful in Boston and both seasons have great natural lighting. A beautiful clear day makes for a great time to take exterior photos. If you can manage to capture the photos during the golden hour (right before sunset) you’ll end up with remarkable lighting. Alternatively, you could opt for a time when the building is empty so the emphasis is on the building rather than the people inside or around it. If you’re thinking about hiring a professional photographer for your corporate real estate needs, give Nikki Cole a call. With her extensive experience, she can help choose the best […]
Always Check Your Photographer’s Reviews
When you’re hiring a photographer for a special event, you only have one chance to get it right. The photographer only has one chance to get it right, too. That’s why it’s important you select the right photographer who has the experience, knowledge, skill and style to get it right. After all, in many cases it would be almost impossible to recreate the event, just to grab better photographs. It’s likely you’ll be selecting your photographer based on their portfolio and past experience. Keep in mind, what they’re sharing with you are the highlights of their career. A portfolio is the best-of that a photographer has to share. So, how can you ensure that the photographer you hire for your corporate event or corporate headshots is going to deliver on their promise? Check their reviews! In today’s digital landscape, online review websites make it easy to discover what other people think about a person or a service. One of the great things about reviews is you can learn about potential problems or weaknesses, but also about how the photographer dealt with the issue. One important caveat when it comes to reviews is that it seems to be human nature to […]
Mar 05
Retouching Photos – Where Do You Draw The Line
Have you seen the social media side-by-side type posts outlining a photographer’s ability to manipulate a photograph with photoshop. Suddenly a curvier bride is thin. A thin model is more thin. Blonde hair is brown. A short guy is taller. There are a variety of programs and apps that make it easy to change a person’s appearance. Slim the face. Whiten the teeth. Get rid of a second or third chin. But, how much retouching is too much? The thing with corporate photography is that it is important for the person to look like who they really are. Clients, current and prospective, will see the photograph and when they meet you in person, it’s important that you are recognizable. Generally, corporate portrait photography will include some retouching. Perhaps it is whitening the teeth a touch, clearing up a pimple, or smoothing a few wrinkles. Maybe it’s getting rid of a flyaway hair or an unwanted crease in your shirt. As a photographer, when it comes to retouching, ethics really do come into play. Unless otherwise instructed to completely alter a person’s appearance, retouching should be done to enhance what’s already there. Historically, a professional photographer would pride him or herself […]
Headshots – The importance of professional headshots of your employees for your website
Your company website showcases your business to the world. It provides a good representation of your products, services and it gives your website visitors a good idea of your company values, culture and people. Ultimately, a website is a great way to sell yourself to a wide audience and you can do this by providing a service or product. But, in order for visitors to trust your business, they often want to learn more about you. For most businesses this is done on a team page on their corporate website. This is your chance to show how your employees shine. This is your opportunity to give your web visitors an inside look at the people who are at the heart of your business. This is where you can showcase your professionalism, brand, values and vision. One of the easiest ways to do this is with photographs. Providing images of your key employees offers your web visitors a way to really get an inside look at the people who move you forward. The best team pages do a good job balancing professionalism with personality. Perhaps the image changes when hovered on. The first image showing a professional photo and the second […]
Capturing Memories of Proud Moments and Accomplishments
You work hard and you play hard; that’s often key for a successful career. In fact, those same qualities that make you valuable in your career often keep you busy in your personal life: drive, commitment, and goal-setting.  So, it’s fitting that when you achieve a business or personal goal or milestone that you capture the moment. After all, you should be proud of your accomplishments.  When it is a personal achievement, often your clients will be proud of you too. Whether it’s running a marathon, completing a triathlon, finishing a painting, performing on a stage, golfing, or anything, your proud moments matter. Just like with corporate headshots, Nikki Cole is there to capture your personality with portrait services. A well-shot portrait does more than show people what you look like, it helps them learn who you are. It showcases your personality, your talents and your commitment. It’s good to think beyond a corporate headshot. A professionally photographed portrait or capture of your accomplishments stands out among the candid shots. The lighting, the feeling and the moment all come through in a way a cellphone camera just can’t quite capture. If you’d like your client base to learn a little […]
4 Very Important Tips When Looking For A Photographer In Boston
Everyone can take pictures; however, not everyone has the eye, equipment and experience to be called a professional photographer. So, how do you glean out the pros from the amateurs? Experience - Everyone has to start somewhere; however, some experience does matter, especially when it comes to corporate photography. With experience a photographer learns how to manage their subjects, their setting and the client. With experience a photographer learns how to ensure the end result photos match the shot list. With experience a photographer learns how to capture those moment-in-time special details the client will love. Portfolio - A professional photographer should have a portfolio outlining their specialized type of photography.  A portfolio will showcase their range of work, along with their style. Style - While reviewing a portfolio you will get a good sense of the photographer’s style. It is important you choose a photographer who has the style you are looking for. You may love someone’s photographs, but if their style doesn’t match your needs, you should look elsewhere. Equipment - From the camera to the lighting, equipment matters. It is important to provide the photographer with a brief based on your requirements and then allow them to […]
How To Capture The Beauty of Your Venue In A Photograph
If you’re looking to market your venue, space or building it is essential to hire a photographer with experience in commercial architectural photography. Lighting, scope, span, context, field of vision, depth of field etc. all play a key role in perfectly highlighting the best features of an architectural masterpiece. In today’s insta-culture, consumers are consuming large quantities of architectural images so it’s more important than ever to ensure your space stands out among the crowd. Anyone can capture a photograph of a space or a building, but it takes an experienced professional to truly showcase the spirit, feeling and possibility of a venue. A professional photographer will schedule a shoot based on lighting, time of day and weather; however, will also know how to edit in post-production in case ideal conditions could not be met. Sure, straight on is great but with an eye for the right angle, an architectural photographer can provide a unique vantage point that can tell a story. As important as it is to see the big picture, the smallest of details can also really make an image stand out. The right photographer has the eye, skills, experience, and knowledge to make a building or venue […]
Are you capturing the purpose of your events?
There’s a lot that goes into planning a fundraising event. One detail that should not be overlooked is photography. Sure, event guests and organizers usually have their smartphones in-hand to capture snaps, but having a professional at the event can make all the difference. After all, capturing the crowd, the act of giving and people spending time together can be more difficult than first thought. Having all the special moments that happen throughout a fundraising event is a great way to commemorate all your hard work as well as the generosity of your guests. Quality photographs shared throughout your promotions for the next year, on social media and in newsletters and publications can speak volumes about your organization and event. An experienced event photographer: Understands lighting and can make the lighting at the event work for them Will ask about special shots and moments you would like to capture Is experienced at capturing candids where people are not mid-sentence or biteful Will capture genuine, meaningful moments where your guests look their best. For your next fundraising event, skip the cellphone candids and selfies and hire a professional. Throughout Boston and New England, Nikki Cole captures fundraising and corporate events for […]
Tips for Getting Your Portraits Done
Have you ever seen those posed portraits where the families are all wearing matching outfits? The portraits look nice; however, when sometimes they can seem contrived. When it comes to capturing families or corporate portraits, the goal is to capture the spirit and personality from within, rather than try and create it. Color of Clothing - While you could have everyone wearing matching outfits, it can look too staged. Instead, consider a color or shade and have everyone wear an element of clothing with that color or shade. Or, consider a tone. For instance, bright or muted colors. People do not have to wear the same thing to look good in a portrait. In fact, if they are wearing something they like and are comfortable in, they will feel better which can make a difference. Hairstyle - Consider the theme or purpose of the photograph and style your hair appropriately. Well-done, tidy hair styles photograph well. That being said, your portrait should always look like you, which means now is not the time to try out a new style or color. Make-up - The right makeup can look fabulous in a photograph. Again, it is all about what you want […]
Dec 21
Lights & Lasting Memories – Thank You For A Great 2018
There is something about the holidays… from behind the lens the lights of the holidays and New Year have a magical essence that when captured perfectly can bring forward the spirit of this time of year in a single photograph. It’s at this time that generally we have the opportunity to look back at the same time we’re looking forward. So, this makes now the perfect time to express my gratitude for everyone who has entrusted me to capture their moments throughout 2018. From corporate headshots to conferences, from events to architectural shoots, I’ve loved being a part of your business, capturing your spirit from behind the camera. As I look back, I’m filled with gratitude and love for my job. The thing about photographs is they bring about lasting memories and you will all be a part of mine. Looking forward, I’m filled with anticipation to continue photographing brands, events, people and places. Thank you for allowing Nikki Cole Photography to be a part of your 2018. I wish you a very happy New Year.