Photography by Nikki Cole

For almost the past decade, I have had the opportunity to work with Nikki Cole/Nikki Cole Photography when I coordinate the Alaska reception during the International Seafood Show in Boston each year. She is easy to work with, while being the consummate professional; even when I don’t give her a shot sheet, per se, she follows through and always captures what we need. Photography is definitely one of the “moving parts” I never have to worry about.  My only regret is I don’t get to work with her more often! 

– Sharon G., Gaiptman Communications, Juneau, Alaska



I was the Marketing Communications Manager for the InterContinental Boston for 3 years. I hired Nikki Cole of Photography by Nikki Cole for a menu and architectural photography. We were in need of new photos of the hotel as well as photography supporting our seasonal menu change in Miel Brasserie Provençale. After seeing her work with the Boston Red Sox and several of her high end wedding shoots, I knew she was the photographer I needed to work with.

For those who have been through a photo shoot before, it can be several long, tideous days. Thankfully, Nikki is a dream to work with, making photo shoot days some of the best days to look forward to. Her demeanor, level of professionalism and personality are contagious. Nikki’s photographic eye and a creative mind became an extension of my own on our first shoot together. She was speaking of angles I wanted as I was thinking them. She knew my next move and the look I was anticipating to capture before I did. I was so pleased with the outcome of the first photo shoot that I hired Nikki to shoot at the hotel once a quarter so we had fresh photography for web, social media, and print advertising.

Even though I am no longer with the InterContinental Boston hotel, I am continuously looking for ways to hire Nikki again.

– Meg B.


It takes a team to establish and run a successful real estate business.  Cottage Hill Real Estate in Winthrop, MA, considers itself fortunate to have Nikki Cole as an important part of our team.  Nikki is a talented and creative photographer.  She has been instrumental in presenting our properties in an accurate and inviting manner.  We credit her work as a key component in the quick sale of multiple properties.

As if her beautiful work were not enough, Nikki Cole is a personal delight; patient, upbeat and diligent.  Thank you Nikki!

– Emilie, Cottage Hill Real Estate



Beginning a few years ago, we hired Nikki to photograph our annual Summit in Boston. Since then, she has become part of our on-site event team. She is always professional, and her photographs show her creativity and eye for the right shots. Nikki makes it easy – just give her the date and time, anything special going on and she’s got it all handled. The result, fantastic pictures and no worries or stress.

– Michael Carroll, Digital Marketing Manager, Strategy Meets Action



We at Boston CASA have worked with Nikki Cole of Nikki Cole Photography a couple of times over the last year.  We are a small, non-profit organization who worked with Nikki to upgrade our website with staff headshots.  Nikki was amazingly easy to work with and quickly put us all at ease to get some truly great shots of our team. Nikki has returned several times to complete new headshots as staff has changed and grown over time, and her work is consistently of the highest quality. This year Boston CASA brought Nikki back to shoot our annual gala, which is our biggest fundraising event.  Nikki truly captured the essence of the event with creative and thoughtful shots of the venue, staff, board members and the crowd. Nikki provided finished photos very quickly to our senior management so we could utilize her professional shots in our follow ups with supporters and volunteers.  I would highly recommend Nikki to anyone who is looking for a photographer who is incredibly talented, easy to work with and always professional.

– Anne M. Silver, CASA Program Manager, Boston CASA



Nikki is an absolute pleasure to work with!  She’s knowledgeable and creative and captures the magic of the moment beautifully. You can tell that photography is a passion for Nikki.  She approaches each project professionally and enthusiastically, planning ahead to ensure a smooth shoot. I’ve worked with Nikki as a photographer for corporate events, and she makes the process easy and pleasant.  Nikki understands what needs to be covered and works independently – no need to worry about the job getting done!  And, you’ll have fun along the way working with Nikki.  I highly recommend Nikki and Nikki Cole Photography for any of your photography needs.

– Carmel Rose Caporale, Certified Meeting Planner, Lead Dog Meeting & Event Management



Nikki is a shining light in the world of photography. She is professional yet easy-going, bringing a sense of joy and fun to every shoot. Her very first job with my organization was shooting a story time event with Julian Edelman of the New England Patriots and everyone at the event loved working with her and the photos are just brilliant – the posed shots felt candid and loose, while the candid moments she captured really reflected the excitement of the event. Since that shoot I’ve hired her for smaller, more intimate shoots with families and kids reading or performing Jewish rituals together and the results are the same – great photos and a fantastic working experience. Thank you Nikki for working with me and letting your creativity turn into magic with your photos.

– Jillian Farrell, Development Communications Coordinator, PJ Library, Harold Grinspoon Foundation



I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nikki Cole for several years now and she has become an integral part of our on-site team for the Personalized Medicine Coalition’s (PMC) Annual Conference. Nikki is professional, approachable, puts subjects at ease and is just generally fun to work with, important when you are working 13-14 hours days! In addition, Nikki always captures the shots we need and those we don’t know we need until later, she has a genuine affinity for conference photography and an eye for capturing the perfect shot. Nikki makes our marketing a breeze and I truly can’t imagine doing this conference without her.

– Nicole Jacobson, CMP



I have the pleasure of saying I’ve been working with Nikki for almost 10 years in a wide spectrum of events. My wedding, my first child’s newborn photos, surprise birthday parties, my mother’s anniversary reception, and even photographing my company’s annual meeting. There is no job too big or too small for her, and whenever there’s an opportunity for a photographer, I jump at the chance to hire or recommend her.

And I go back to her time and time again for two reasons. First, her photos are incredible. She has the unique ability of capturing real, raw emotion in her photos. She has a gift for seeing the beauty of moment and capturing it in a still image. I’m not even sure how, but she also has the ability to be invisible. (She’s magical.) She can work a room unseen and capture images like she was standing 3” away. She can get in the middle of a party without anyone even noticing she was there.

But the other reason we keep going back, is that she is just a joy to be around. There’s no ego. No drama. She just wants to do her best for her clients and get them the best photos, so they can focus on the important stuff. She always works to accommodate the timing, situation, and event. She’s got a strong point of view on what will work best, but will always accept suggestions. She will work with you to learn the key players and various relationships. And she knows that if the subjects of her images are having fun, the photos will innately be better. And anyone who knows her, knows how much fun you’ll have with her.

She has captured every single one of my life’s biggest moments (and in turn, all of my friends’ lives biggest moments) and I look forward to continue working with her for the rest of them. Nikki is not only my family’s photographer, but I’d like to consider her a friend, too.

– Britt Dunn, Former bride and lifelong client, and Chief of Staff, Hill Holliday Advertising