Photography by Nikki Cole

Commercial Photography

Nikki Cole - Architectural Photographer

“As much as I absolutely love capturing the spirit of people, I have an equal passion for capturing places and spaces. It is in these shots that my attention to detail is really evident. I love looking at a building, a place or a vista and trying to capture that elusive perfect shot. When the lighting meets the subject at just the right angle, I always have one of those ‘a-ha’ moments.” - Nikki Cole


Nikki Cole captures high quality architectural photographs, including interior, exterior and aerial, for clients in Boston and the New England area. She is a preeminent Boston-based photographer with years of experienced and satisfied commercial clients.

Architects, businesses, developers, hotels and resorts, interior designers and others have used Nikki to provide stunning, high quality photographs of their architecture. Generally, these photographs are used for advertising, websites, award submissions, communications such as annual reports, and presentations. Investing in quality photos helps tell your story, whether to garner new business, win awards, or communicate with stakeholders.

Boston and the New England area is known for some stunning architecture. Nikki loves capturing buildings while doing commercial photography shoots. While buildings are static objects that do not move, depending on the lighting, the weather and the people milling about, the building can change.

Nikki is an extension of your marketing team. She has the creative vision to capture the right shot to bring your corporate brand to life, even with architectural photography.

Nikki can go broad and big picture, capturing the building and its place within the visita. She can also hone in on the smallest details, sometimes that most people don’t even know exist. She has an eye for capturing those elusive signature shots.

Nikki is flexible with schedules and makes every effort to be unobtrusive to the business, people and facility.

If you are looking to invest in high quality architectural photographs, contact Nikki Cole.