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There is nothing better than looking at an image of a strong and confident subject.  I’m constantly looking for images and campaigns that portray that strength and beauty for my own inspiration.

If you haven’t watched the Always (the manufacturer of the feminine product) #LikeAGirl video campaign, take the time now to watch it. Even though the first video campaign was published over two years ago, it still has such a strong impact every time I watch it. The Always #LikeAGirl video was published in June of 2014 and currently has over 62 million views on their YouTube channel. The campaign video is always the same, to empower girls and women around the world to believe in themselves.

The video didn’t receive much of a recognition until it aired during the 2015 Super Bowl.  It asks a range of people to perform certain tasks, “like a girl.” The older men and women performed these tasks like running or fighting in a weak and silly manner. It appeared that all these people were implying that doing something “like a girl” is to do it poorly. However, when the same question was asked to young girls (not yet marred by societal expectations and stereotypes), they ran and fought the absolute best they could.

Always didn’t just stop after the first video, they have been constantly releasing new video campaigns highlighting the confidence in young women.  About 4 months ago, Always released a new campaign video featuring young girls playing sports and encouraging other young women to find their own strength in fitness. This video highlights that sports are are great opportunity to inspire confidence in young people and to always keep playing.

Always’s goal is to address the drop in confidence that girls experience as they enter puberty. The purpose behind all these empowering campaign videos is to strengthen young girl’s confidence and to always encourage them to go after what they want.

Photo Credit: YouTube / Always

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