Event Photography, A Lost Art

Hi, my name is Nikki and I’m a proud corporate event photographer.  I admit it.  I photographed a two day tax conference this past season and loved every second of it.  I think photographing corporate events, outings and conferences is a lost art.  First, I get to work with the event team of these companies, arguably the most fun department.  Second, I get to wander around and be a fly on the wall catching reactions, socializing and details.  That’s some of my favorite shooting.  And finally, when I capture the energy and enthusiasm behind an event, my clients are thrilled.  Planners put their heart and soul into planning these events.  Often, they are planning the event or conference in addition to their normal workload.  There are often sleepless nights, last minute changes and way too many opinions from their co-workers and bosses.  But now, these planners have proof in the form of gorgeous imagery, that their efforts were not in vain.  They get to post, tweet and share that proof far and wide.  And they have fantastic marketing material for next year’s event.  It’s the reason so many of my events are reoccurring clients.  So next time you’re wondering if you want to invest the money into a great photographer for your next corporate outing or event, remember this.  It will be worth your investment.  And there is a photographer out there who will love being a part of it!

About the Author:
Photography by Nikki Cole is a full service corporate and commercial photography studio. We provide professional head shots and portraiture in studio or on location, architecture and product imaging as well as special event coverage.


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